Make your system pitch-perfect with the Fibaro Workshop

Comfortica is the FIBARO expert of The Netherlands. Comfortica regularly runs smart home FIBARO workshops together with ROBBshop, the biggest home automation webshop in The Netherlands. It guarantees that you get the most out of your self-installed Smart Home system.

FIBARO is market leader when it comes to smart home systems. Are you installing your FIBARO system yourself but are you struggling with something? Do you want to make sure you make the most of your smart home system? Sign up for the Comfortica workshops! Several times a year we run workshops at ROBBshop’s demo store. Prefer a workshop on location? No problem! Call us for your options.

  • Lights automatically turn on when you enter a room

  • All electronic devices, lights etc. switched off all at once with the push of 1 button when you go to bed

  • Open your front door with your smartphone

  • Curtains and shutters close automatically when the night falls

  • Your garage door opens when you drive up to your house

  • Television on – lights dim

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