Comfortica’s smart home automation systems are suitable for every house or business

The smart home systems of Comfortica are based on the wireless Z-Wave protocol. A high-quality, standardized, compatible and proven concept. You are ensured of a safe smart home system that connects any of your devices. And can be installed in any house or business.

Z-Wave is a standardized technique that is used by many manufacturers in their products. Before a manufacturer can use this chip it has to comply to strict technical guidelines. Because of this you are not only ensured that your smart home system is compatible with all the different devices you own, but is also extremely secure and reliable.

Suitable for any type building

Whether you have a monumental building where you are not even allowed to put a nail in the wall or a brand new house with immaculately plastered walls: the wireless Z-Wave technology is suitable for any type of house. No need to rewire your house’s current electrical!

Because of this, your smart home system is not only affordable and user-friendly, it is also much easier to install. Z-Wave uses specific low-frequencies; no interaction takes place with other wireless signals. An ideal technique that makes smart home automation applicable to any situation.

Easy to expand

You can easily expand your smart home system with new functionalities and/or devices thanks to our modular smart home systems. Operating your system is easy and tailored to your wishes: from smartphone to remote control.


Comfortica only works with the best brands within the home automation and security branch: FIBARO and Satel.

Renowned European brands, ensuring you the most safe and reliable equipment and software out there.


Do you have a home automation or security system from a different brand? No problem! Both FIBARO and Satel are compatible with other brands. Comfortica ensures proper integration and, if necessary, gives advice about possible adjustments and/or additions to your current system.

New-built house or business in the near future? Discuss all your wishes with Comfortica beforehand and find out all the possibilities available. Before the actual construction of your new property even starts!

Comfortica can include the design of your systems in the blueprints of your new house or business and even supervise the carpenter and electrician so everything is prepared for the installation of your systems.

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