The ins and outs of a smart home installation by Comfortica

So, you’ve decided you want a smart home system. Installed safe and sound by a professional. How does that look like? What do you have to take into account? Comfortica explains:


Every solid smart home adventure starts with a proper intake of your wishes and look into your possibilities. The best place to do that is your home. That’s why before giving you a quotation, Comfortica in most cases first stops by your house to see how we can capture your wishes and transform them into a smart home system matching your desired lifestyle. During the intake we discuss your wishes and talk about possibilities you might have not considered yet – but are quite handy in day-to-day life. For instance, an absence simulation scene or connecting your smart lock with the light in your hallway.

Modular constructed quotation

After the intake you’ll receive a modular constructed quotation including all your wishes and needs. The benefit of a modular constructed quotation is that you don’t have to implement all the smart home solutions in once – but it does offer room to prepare for future desires. When you don’t want automated sun blinds just yet, but might in the future, we can take that into account by already installing an outlet at the right location.

The installation itself

A simple installation in a corner house can be done in two days. Do you have a big, detached house and extensive smart home requirements? In that case it could take up to two weeks. We’ll start with installing all physical products into your house like smart power outlets and such. After which we’ll configure the software, program scenes and of course test the system and installed scenes.

After handover

We ask you to keep note of how you experience your smart home system and the created scenes for two weeks after handover. Are the programmed scenes perfectly tuned to your day-to-day life or does a – first thought to be – brilliant idea turn out not to be that great?

A few weeks after the initial handover, we’ll do an evaluation and tweak your scenes where needed.

For instance, the motion triggered hallway light upstairs might need to be turned off sooner because it wakes up your toddler every night when someone goes to the bathroom. Automated garden lights sound peachy and all – until you nearly get a heart attack every night because of your own cat returning home from its nightly adventures.

So, if day-to-day life and your smart home system are not attuned perfectly to one another, it is good to know that we will evaluate and tweak your system where necessary a few weeks after you’ve been able to experience it.


Another few weeks in we’ll re-evaluate for a second time – asking you beforehand to take note of everything you notice and (still) don’t like after the first finetuning of your system. Your smart home system should fit you like a glove after this.

Maintenance of your system is free of charge the first year. Want to make sure the software-updates of your system will be correctly implemented and be done in time after the first year? We offer maintenance contracts guaranteeing your system will always be up-to-date.

New to build

Depending on your desires, Comfortica can usually start within a month after you’ve accepted the quotation. Planning to remodel your house or build a new one in the foreseeable future? In that case it’s wise to involve us as soon as possible. That way you’re guaranteed you’ll have power outlets in exactly the right places to realize your smart home plans. And can make sure we can, for instance, integrate your automated sunscreens into your smart home system (a product that is often impossible to integrate if it doesn’t have the right motor). Is the actual construction not taking place for another year? No worries – a month before we get to work, we’ll review your quotation. If we find better and or cheaper alternatives, we’ll let you know.

The best personalized smart home installation? Comfortica makes it possible.