Smart tips in the current overheated energy market

Got a good fright after hearing about the gas prices going through the roof? At Comfortica, we immediately took measures to save energy the coming Winter months. Hereby our smart energy saving tips to save on your gas- as well as your electrical bill.

To be fair, we already took a lot of smart – thus energy saving – measures and replaced big energy guzzlers where possible. When we found out how much energy our old fridge used, we immediately drove to a MediaMarkt to get it replaced by an energy efficient one. Our energy efficient computers also make a ton of difference. And our heating? Runs via the air conditioning nowadays!

Smart energy saving tips

Hereby a list of everything we implemented at home and in our office to save on energy:

How to save on gas

  1. Heating via air con – By heating your house via your air con you can save a great deal on your gas bill. Simply because you change your main heat source from gas to electricity. In addition, a modern air conditioner is more cost-effective than central heating.
  2. Zoned heating system – When you can control the heating per room, you can save yourself some serious cash. No unnecessary heating of rooms anymore. Linked to motion sensors you can automatically turn down the heating when no presence has been detected for a certain (preset) time. Something that can come in handy when you tend to forget to turn down the heating every time you (unexpectedly) leave the house. Left a window open? If you have window sensors, your smart heating system will automatically lower the temperature until the window is closed again.
  3. Turn off your boiler – Easy saving money trick: turn off your boiler at night or when you’re not at home.

How to save on electricity

  1. Replace old appliances – We for one were shocked when we got an insight in how much energy our old fridge used. Other energy guzzlers: computers (and yes, there are energy efficient computers out there), washing machines and dryers.
  2. Solar panels – Free electricity with courtesy of the sun. It doesn’t get much easier than that! A great solution this day and age where most households need an increasing amount of electricity, simply because we have more and more electronic devices. In the old days there was one landline, one TV. Nowadays every family member has their own smart phone, tablet, and laptop. And all that working from home doesn’t help cutting back on electricity as well. So, why not let the sun help you out here?
  3. Lighting – The great thing about smart lighting: you can program scenes based on your daily habits and can control all the lights in and around your house with your smart phone. Linked to motion sensors lights can switch off automatically when no motion has been detected in a room/your house for a certain (preset) time.

Extra tips to reduce energy

Besides implementing the smart energy saving tips mentioned above, isolation could also be a quick win. Especially when you have an old house. Sounds a bit less sexy, but it is a smart thing to do non the less! Draught proofing and foil insulation can help you save quite some energy, while it does not cost much to purchase.

Want to lower your gas and electricity bill? Comfortica makes it happen with smart energy saving tips!