FIBARO producten overview

Learn how to install home automation with the FIBARO workshop

Smart home automation offers endless possibilities when it comes to creating comfort, sustainable living and home security. Whether you live in a monumental home or have a new built. Comfortica is the one-stop-shop for your smart home system and is the leading FIBARO expert in the Nederlands.

Want to install and setup your home automation system yourself? Sign up for our home automation workshop! Together with the biggest online smart home automation shop in the Netherlands Comfortica runs a FIBARO workshop on a regular basis. Join Comfortica’s home automation workshop to learn how to install and optimize your home automation.

What do you learn at a DIY home automation workshop?

  • How to install the Home Center3/Lite
  • How to setup the Home Center3
  • Intergrade modules including include and exlude
  • Create block scenes
  • The use of plugins
  • Backup en restore

FIBARO DIY Home automation workshop

The FIBARO system is the most advanced and affordable solution to automate your home. Do you want to turn your house into a smart home using the FIBARO home automation system, but did you get stuck somewhere along the way? Want to make sure you get the most out of your smart home system? Sign up for Comfortica’s DIY home automation workshop. We run our FIBARO workshop at Robbshop on a regular basis. We have home automation workshops at starter and advanced level. Prefer a workshop on-site to learn how to install and setup home automation? No problem! We can run the DIY home automation workshop at your home or business.

How to install home automation: what you learn during the workshop

At Comfortica’s DIY home automation workshop we teach you everything you need to know about the FIBARO smart home system. We show you how to install and set up the Home Center/Lite, the smart home basis that makes it possible to operate multiple multimedia devices and smart home systems. We teach you how to set up the Home Center. Also covered is how to connect modules including include, creating block scenes, working with plugins and how to backup and restore. We can’t wait to teach you how to solve home automation problems and create solutions during our DIY home automation workshop.

Do you want to turn your house into a smart home and install home automation yourself?

Want to get the most out of your smart home system? Learn how to and more at Comfortica’s DIY home automation workshop! We run our FIBARO home automation workshop several times a year together with Robbshop. Want more information about Comfortica’s FIBARO workshop? Give us a call at +31 53 – 574 7473 or send an email to:

  • Lights that go on when you enter a room

  • All appliances switched off all at once when you go to bed

  • Opening your front door remotely with your smartphone

  • Curtains and shutters closing automatically when night falls

  • Garage door opens automatically when you drive up to your house

  • Lights dim when you turn on the television

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