Smart home: turn your house into a smart home

Do you want to turn your house into a smart home? Comfortica’s home automation systems make it happen!

You can make your daily life much easier by installing home automation in your new build or existing home. Imagine turning off all the lights in your house at once with the push of a button when you go to bed; coming home to a well-lit lit, warm house; and be able to turn the washing machine off while you are at work. You can open the front door with your smartphone; adjust the heating according to your schedule; and have the garage door open automatically upon arrival. Home automation offers endless possibilities to create comfort, safety and help with energy savings.

Create the most comfortable house with home automation

Home automation is the luxury of having your curtains open automatically when the sun comes up. But don’t be mistaken, home automation is so much more than creating optimal living comfort! It provides insights into your energy consumption and offers you numerous possibilities to protect your home. Do you want to have home automation installed in your new build or existing home? On this page, you will discover the endless possibilities.

How do you turn your house into a smart home with a home automation system?

Home automation in a new build or existing home offers endless possibilities in terms of comfort, safety, and energy savings. Some home automation ideas:

  • Optimal setup of home automation for each individual room.
  • All windows and doors locked with the push of a single button.
  • Customized alarm and camera system integrated into the home automation system.
  • Voice-activated audio.
  • All-off scene when going to bed.
  • Curtains that open when it gets light outside.
  • One device to operate all electronic devices in your home.
  • Advice, installation, and coordination of all electrical matters for new build or renovation.

How to create ultimate digital freedom and security with a home automation system?

With a Comfortica home automation system, you can create ultimate digital freedom and security. The best home automation system completely customized to your needs: from home automation to security, from a single room to the entire house, from garden to business. We install home automation solutions based on your specific needs and desires. Together, we design the best home automation system for your new build, existing home, or commercial property. Whether it’s the installation of home automation, an alarm, cameras, audio, or video.

New build and existing real estate

From smart outdoor lighting to automatically locking all doors and windows when the motion sensor is activated: the possibilities of a customized installation of a home automation system are endless. This applies to both individual rooms and the entire building. Comfortica’s wireless home automation systems are suitable for all buildings. Whether it’s a monumental house or your new build. No break or chisel work is needed when we install home automation. New build or renovating? With Comfortica’s Custom Install Service we can take care of everything for you related to electricity.

One-stop-shop for your home automation system

Our Custom Install Service offers you the possibility of a one-stop-shop for all matters related to the electrical control system of your (renovation) project. We can incorporate your home automation system in the blueprints; give you advice on wiring and electrically controlled items such as screens and gates. We can even support and coordinate with the electrician to ensure optimal preparation of the home automation system in your new build or existing home. In short, with Comfortica, you can be assured that your home automation system will be fully customized to your preferences and needs and will work properly! We work with the renowned brand Fibaro.

What are the benefits of having a home automation system installed by Comfortica?

  • From individual rooms to complete home automation.
  • No need to break or chisel through a wall.
  • Supplier of the leading and renowned brand FIBARO.
  • One-stop-shop: from concept to coordination and complete implementation.
  • One control for all devices.
  • Price always includes installation.
  • Maintenance contract possible after the first year.

Want to create optimal home comfort with a home automation system?

A home automation system turns your house into a smart home and creates not only comfort, but also helps protect your home and gives insight into your energy consumption. You are welcome to visit our demo house in Enschede to explore the customized possibilities for a home automation system, including home automation costs.

  • Smart home solutions from single room till entire premises

  • Customized security- and camera system integrated with your smart home system

  • All rooms and windows locked at the touch of a button

  • Voice activated audio

  • ’Everything switched off scene when going to bed

  • Curtains opening automatically at the crack of dawn

  • Advise, installation and coordination of all electronic matters during construction

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