Smart home automation holiday tips & tricks – part 2: your garden

The upside of working from home and enduring all those lockdowns? Your garden is in the best state ever after all that attention while you were at home. Almost a shame to go on a holiday and not stay home to enjoy the fruits of your hard labour. But another staycation with 3 kids and a tiny inflatable pool in the backyard… Not if you can help it. But how to prevent your garden from dying on you while you’re enjoying your holiday away from home? Simple, by making your garden smart with our smart home garden tips!

Soil moisture sensor

There is absolutely no need to bother your neighbors with the request to look after your garden again this summer. If you have a smart garden, your garden will look after itself. Soil moisture sensors can indicate if your grass or flowerbeds need water. If so, your sprinklers will automatically switch on at night. That is, if the weather forecast doesn’t predict rain in the foreseeable future, in which case your smart home system will wait and see if it indeed does rain. In case the predicted rain didn’t or hardly fall, your smart watering system will know and water your lawn and flower beds as planned.

Robot lawn mower “connected”?

Your robot lawn mower in the meantime, makes sure your lawn stays nice and tidy. Planning to buy a robot lawn mower? Make sure you buy a robot that is “connected” – or in other words: that it can be operated via an app. This is mandatory if you want to integrate your robot in your smart home system.

To prevent your mower from mowing down your flower beds, it is essential you span an iron wire just below the surface that needs to be mowed. A good gardener can do this for you.

Use garden lights as alarm

While we’re on the subject of smart maintenance for your garden, why not make your garden lights extra smart as well by making them part of your alarm system?! You can connect your lights with motion sensors for instance. By doing so, you could let your garden lights flicker or shine extra brightly when a motion sensor gets activated. This will scare off potential burglars and warn the neighborhood something is going on.

Want to give the impression you are enjoying a “staycation”? Then turn on the radio on your patio at random via your smartphone. Or create a “scene” where this happens automatically. Combined with smart garden lights it can leave the impression you’re having a BBQ party – while you’re partying in Ibiza!

Alarm loop

Do you have a camera- and alarm system? An alarm loop in your garden can turn on a siren, camera or lights depending on the amount of pressure applied.

It is a reassuring thought your alarm system gets activated the moment someone sets foot on your property – while it prevents your neighbors from having a fright and calling the police every time a cat crosses your garden.

Enjoy a carefree summer – let your garden take care of itself and your house!