Smart home automation – a nicer, safer and more sustainable way of living

Why should you want your home to be smart? Aren’t smart devices just fun, but totally unnecessary and expensive gadgets for nerds? Nice to have, but not really that helpful and also difficult to install? On the contrary! In this back-to-basics blog we explain why smart home solutions are really useful to support everyday life, and how smart devices can make life nicer, safer and more sustainable.

A solution for every budget

When it comes to smart home automation, most people still think smart devices are unnecessary, expensive and hard to install. To start with being expensive: yes, in the old days this was totally the case. But back then smart home solutions meant pulling cables and thus sometimes drill holes in walls and ceilings to be able to run wires through them. Nowadays smart home solutions also come wireless, and many more players entered the market bringing with them smart solutions for every budget.

Making daily life easier

Smart home automation isn’t an unnecessary luxury, on the contrary, smart devices are super useful to support your everyday life. For instance, with a smart button you can turn of all the lights in your home at once, but you can also create a scene where all lights will be turned off and all windows and doors automatically lock when you go out and lock the front door behind you.

Smart home automation only has one purpose: make daily life easier. Like ‘waking up’ the entire house at the push of a button: curtains going up automatically, heating turning on, lights that slowly become brighter (or in the case of teenagers may we recommend turning on the lights 100% at once…). Working from home? Smart home automation will make sure the heating goes down in all other rooms, as well as all lights – besides the one(s) in your home office of course.


You make hundreds of decisions throughout the day: lights on, lights off, lights dimmed, heating turning up a notch, turning down a notch, checking windows, locking the door. All these actions can be automated, making your life so much more comfortable. That’s not only very useful, but also sustainable: no lights or devices will be left on unnecessary.

Safer living for all ages

Smart devices can also make sure your house is as safe as if it was a fortress. Not at home? Create an at-home-scene that turns your lights on and off ‘randomly’, automatically opens your curtains in the morning and closes them at night. You can even let it turn your tv on and off. It’s like you never leave the house and thus warns off possible burglars.

Have young kids? Then smart home solutions can be a life saver! When you have a little Dr. Livingstone at home always ready to explore, it can be reassuring to know your front door locks automatically. With smart home solutions you can also ‘turn off’ wall outlets, and make sure kitchen supplies or your iron cannot be turned on when you’re not around.

Works independently from your WiFi

Afraid your smart home solutions won’t work when your WiFi is down? No need to worry! A smart home system operates on its own network – therefore everything programmed still functions even when your WiFi is down. And you can always operate all devices manually. So, when your grandma comes to visit, she can still manually use the light switches.

The sky is the limit when it comes to smart home solutions. Whether you want to live more safely or want to live more comfortable by automatizing as much actions as possible or minimize your daily energy consumption: smart home automation does it all in one full swoop.
Installing smart home devices and creating automated scenes ain’t hard. However, if you are all fingers and thumbs or just don’t feel like installing it yourself, Comfortica can do it for you. With our service contract you are assured that your smart home system and devices are securely installed, and updates are carried out on a regular basis.

A nicer, saver and more sustainable way of living? Comfortica makes it happen.