Smart heating good to meet individual needs and good for sustainability

A timer linked to your heating. It was the start of smart heating. But in the last few years this really evolved! Smart heating can be so much more than your heating automatically turning up a notch in the morning to turn down a notch just before you go to bed. Nowadays you can link the room temperature to, for instance, a motion sensor or to your booking system. This can cut up to 20% off your utility bills!

Multiple heating zones
Of course, a timer is still a good idea when it comes to heating your home or business. But it doesn’t take into consideration that some rooms are/will stay unoccupied. If your college kids moved out, their rooms will still be heated together with the rest of your house. The same goes for office spaces – while occupation really went down in most cases because of Covid. A zone control system prevents this.

When you are able to control the temperature per room, this can have quite the positive impact on your utility bill. At home and for your business. You can link the booking system of your conference rooms or hotel rooms to your heating system for instance: so, 2 hours before guests arrive their room will automatically be heated. At a multi-company building, all tenants will be able to control the temperature of their own office space. And when your college kids come home for the weekend, you can literally give them a warm welcome by having their rooms nice and warm – only – upon arrival.

Motion controlled heating
Integrated in your smart home system, you can make all kinds of useful links. Do you have a teenager who’s always chilly and therefore prefers tropical temperatures? When the motion sensor doesn’t detect movement for an hour, you can have the temperature automatically go down a few degrees. While you can also set a limit to which the temperature can be raised in each room.

Stand-alone not always the best choice
Considering a zone control heating system? Make sure you are aware of the integration possibilities of the system. There are stand-alone systems that don’t integrate that easily in smart home systems. When a few years later, you decide to install a smart home system, it might happen you won’t be able to integrate the zone control system into it.

Future plans? Decide now!
Planning some construction work or planning to build a new house? Before the first brick has been laid, think about what you would like to have automated. Now, and in the future. Just the temperature in each room? Or lights and security as well? Anticipate beforehand by choosing a zone control system matching your (future) desires.

Suitable for every heating system? ?
Is a zone control system suitable for each and every heating system? Yes. But when you have underfloor heating or a heat pump it doesn’t add much value. The value of a zone control system lies in the fact that you can switch quickly. A heat pump or underfloor heating unfortunately needs a long time to get to the acquired temperature. How quicker a heating system can heat up or cool down, the better. Central heating and infrared panels are therefore great to ‘turn’ smart. Even warm air heating systems can, in most cases, be made smart. Comfortica will always consult with your heating installer and guide him in the adjustments that need to be made.

For everybody
Nobody is alike. Whether it’s about your family, the level of occupation of your office building or a multi-company building, the zone control system brings comfort to everyone. While energy waste will be brought down to a minimum.

Living and working comfortably, while being sustainable and save money at the same time? Comfortica makes it happen!