Keep your smart home system smart with a service contract of Comfortica

Whether you only have a home automation system to manage your solar panels or whether you have automated your entire business premises from lightning till security, with a Comfortica service contract you are guaranteed your smart home system will stay smart and up-to-date.

At Comfortica you are always guaranteed a warranty period on all your home automation systems up to one year after installation. But with electronic systems come software updates. Do you want to be assured of an smart home system working optimally even after long after the warranty period? Take a service contract at Comfortica!

Smart move

Nothing more reassuring then knowing that when there is an update of your camera software or alarm system, it will be implemented immediately right? Or to know your batteries will never fail, simply because they are replaced pro-actively for you. With a service contract of Comfortica you stay ahead of the game.

Comfortica will monitor your smart home system remotely, which means we can act immediately when something is not working. With a service contract you are also guaranteed software updates being implemented for you and Comfortica can even pro-actively replace batteries. This way you are guaranteed that your smart home system is always working optimally.

With Comfortica’s service contract you never have to worry again!

Extra discount

An additional advantage of a service contract for your smart home automation system: when you purchase extensions for your smart home system, you will get a discount on call-out costs and hourly wage. Hardware defect? When purchasing new hardware you’ll also get a discount!

Smart home service

You can choose between three service contracts. The total price of your service contract depends on how extensive your smart home system is and the service wishes you have.
Is your current smart home system not installed by Comfortica, but would you like Comfortica to maintain it? After an intake we will advise you which service contract is the best fit for your system and how much each service contract possibility will cost.

  • Software-update of all components

  • Defects signaled on time

  • Discount on call-out costs and hourly wages when expanding current system

  • Possibel for smart home, camera and alarm systems

  • Pro-active replacement of batteries

  • Optimal functioning systems

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