Satel alarmsystems

Comfortica uses Satel products for its alarm systems.

Satel is Comfortica’s to-go brand when it comes to alarm systems. A highly renowned and reliable European brand, which is also easy to integrate with your home automation system, especially FIBARO’S! Both brands support each other’s possibilities on every level imaginable.

Both wired and wireless

Satel is internationally renowned when it comes to alarm systems. And rightfully so. You can go for a wireless or wired system. For a simple but effective system for, for instance, your holiday home operated via your phone or choose a very extensive system with multiple access control functions for more complex security issues. There is a right fit for everyone!

Your alarm system with motion detectors, door sensors and siren can easily be expanded with cameras. The back-up battery ensures that your security system will always function, even with a power outage.

All security actions are controlled via a base station and can be operated via a control panel, computer, tablet and of course your phone.

Integrate your alarm system with your home automation and get endless security options at your disposal! To give you some ideas:
• When you are not at home but a motion sensor inside your house gets activated, your doors and windows can lock automatically – while security and/or police get notified.
• When a motion sensor outside your house get activated, your tv can switch on, or a light in your bedroom. You can even let your – electronical – dog start barking automatically.

Expand your system with camera’s and you can see what’s going on immediately. Wherever you are. 24/7.

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