One-stop-shop new build homes

Comfortica’s one-stop-shop new build homes not only prevents frustration and delay. It also helps you stay within your construction budget. Thanks to our one-stop-shop, all your audio, security, light, and video needs are covered and integrated. Instead of having to deal with multiple parties, you only have to deal with one person for all the electric wiring. And if you are looking for an equivalent yet affordable alternative for your KNX system, Comfortica offers the solution with its wireless smart home automation solutions.

One-stop-shop new build homes

Nowadays you don’t need a different specialist for each and every system for your new build house. Comfortica takes care of all your security-, network-, audio-, video-, and home automation needs. This saves a lot of time and frustration, because:

  • Your contractor or construction supervisor only has to deal with one instead of multiple parties.
  • It provides you with one system that controls everything in your house from lights to window shutters. Instead of ending up managing each system separately, because they turned out not to be compatible.

Can you imagine having beautiful automatic shutters, but not be able to integrate them with your security system? Which means you need a separate app to operate them? That your new security system can’t be integrated with your home automation system? This is not only frustrating, but also a waste of time and money.
Luckily you can save yourself and your contractor or construction supervisor lots of time and frustration. We at Comfortica have all the expertise under the same roof.

Alternative for KNX system

Comfortica can be the solution when facing a tight construction budget. Our wireless home automation solutions are an equivalent yet way more affordable alternative to the KNX system. We are also big advocates for fun, yet useful home automation solutions.

Smart home tips

A few smart home solutions that sound fun, but turn out not to be very useful or are barely used in day-to-day life:

  • Not having light switches. This may seem very beautiful and have no place in a smart home, but over time 9 out of 10 house owners have them installed. Turns out we humans like to be control when it comes to turning lights on or off. To have electric wires pulled and switches installed later on, is expensive. Our advice: install light switches. Or at least have wires pulled.
  • The creation of lighting scenes for each possible occasion throughout your house. When it comes to daily life majority of people only use a morning and evening lighting scene. Whatever the location in the house. So, don’t waste time and budget creating a lighting scene for each and every light, location and occasion.
  • Budgeting on the number of motion sensors. Most people think motion sensors for each and every door and window are not necessary; that an alarm system for downstairs is more than sufficient; that you never go downstairs at night; and only turn on the alarm at night and/or when you leave the house. Turns out we humans get out of bed and go downstairs more often than we think (which means every time you do, you need to turn the alarm off and back on again). And when a break-in has occurred in the neighborhood, first thing people want is having every exit in their house monitored. Even when you are at home and watching tv late at night.

New building projects

When is the best time to call in the expert when starting new building projects and what can you expect when you bring us on board of your new building projects?

  1. The best time is when you’re behind the drawing board. We’ll make sure your smart home needs are included in the blueprints and afterwards instruct your constructor and electrician to install everything needed. Second best is the moment you know you’ll get the keys to your new house, you have a gazillion smart home ideas, but no idea where to start. We’ll help you find smart, useful home automation solutions that fit your budget, needs and lifestyle.
  2. Did you already brought in separate experts for all the different systems you want? We will test the offered system solutions and check whether or not they can be integrated with each other. We cancel the ones not deemed a good fit and find suitable replacements when necessary. We make sure all parties involved deliver what is needed and take care of the installation ourselves, making sure all components are integrated.

Whether your new build house is just a few sketches, or you are about to get the key, we will make you an offer based on your needs and construction budget. When you give us the green light, we take care of the rest. Including the contact between and instructions of all parties involved.

Want a new build house ready for the future? Comfortica makes it happen.