Working from home and homeschooling at the same time? No problem with a reliable network!

Working from home is one thing. But working from home while your kids are going to school online at the same time can be quite challenging: You only seeing blurred facing during your Skype meeting, while your kids’ video instructions freeze all the time. Thankfully there is a solution to this: let Comfortica install a reliable network at your home!

Working from home in these weird times brings new challenges: finding a new rhythm, trying to focus while your kids want your attention. And to top it off: slow internet because everybody is online at the same time. All the ingredients for frustration galore.

Better internet bundle not the solution

But what if you choose a more extensive bundle from your internet provider? Unfortunately, that doesn’t help the network reception in your house. An internet provider is only responsible for connecting your router inside your house to their network outside. Their guarantee for great internet reception stops at the front door. I mean router…

Well isolated home equals bad WiFi

Live in a well isolated and/or recently build house? This is the first reason behind a bad internet connection. The better isolated, the harder it is to transmit a wireless signal. You’ll probably have a fantastic signal in the kitchen, because it is in the vicinity of the router, while your homeschooling teenager upstairs has not.

Number of devices online

The second reason your wireless network is not meeting your expectations, is the number of devices using the network. Smartphones, tablets, computers, robot vacuum cleaner, Xbox, smart doorbell; how many devices do you have lying around that are connected to the network? Probably more than you realize. When everybody/everything goes online at the same time, your network is kinda like the highway during rush hour: cramped.

Get a reliable network

The solution to all this: the installation of a reliable network. Comfortica will install wireless access points throughout your house. Via these points, installed on the wall or ceiling and connected via a wire to a router, you get a wireless network that covers your entire house.

Won’t a few WIFI repeaters do the same? Nope. Like the name says, they only repeat the signal. But if there is hardly a signal to begin with, there is nothing to repeat. And it also doesn’t fix the extra needed bandwidth because everybody is online at the same time.

Want a better performing network? Have great WIFI throughout the house? Be able to be online with a gazillion devices without a problem? Then you need to get a reliable network installed.

No need to break into walls

Really not looking forward to construction work – especially now your home all day long?! No worries, there is no need. Comfortica uses existing piping for the wires connecting your access points to your router (such as those for your telephone cable). In newly constructed houses, empty pipes are often pre-installed for this.

Work hard, study hard, and relax

A reliable network enables you to work from home without a problem, while your kids can talk to their teacher. And when everybody is done working and studying, you can all relax, and watch Netflix on your own device and if you want even in your own room – whether that’s the addict or basement.

Working from home and homeschooling at the same time? Comfortica makes it happen.

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