Great coverage throughout your house or office – whether you are surfing by yourself or are online with 10 people at once

Comfortica makes sure you will have good network coverage wherever you are. From way up in the attic to the greenhouse in the back of your garden.

Four kids all at once streaming movies, music and playing online games while you have an online meeting or hosting a webinar? Thanks to Comfortica’s network installation package this will never again be a problem anymore!

Great internet package is no guarantee

Even the best internet deal from your internet provider doesn’t guarantee good coverage in your house or in the office. How well your house is insulated, the sheer size of your property, the – growing – number of smart gadgets using the network, they all have a negative impact on your network signal.

Access points

However, when installing wireless access points on strategic points – like the attic or conservatory – you’ll get a network that covers your entire house. Or even garden! Secured to a wall or ceiling the access points will be connected via a cable to your router. The existing pipelines in your house will be used for this, so there is no need to cut openings in walls or ceilings.

Always enough bandwidth

Thanks to the network installation package you will always have great network coverage and enough bandwidth in your entire house or company. Netflixing, gaming and working online with 10 persons all at the same time? Throughout the entire house? Comfortica makes it happen!

  • Customized design and installation

  • Fast broadband in every single area

  • Wireless and wired network can be combined

  • Wireless and wired network can be combined

  • Access points outside your house, like the terrace or green house in the back of your garden

  • Firewall installation

  • New house? Your network installation can be included in your blueprints

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