Great coverage throughout your house or office – whether you are surfing by yourself or are online with 10 people at once

A strong WiFi signal is indispensable in our daily lives. You want the wireless network to work fast and properly when you use your smartphone, tablet, TV, and computer at home and at the office. When you improve WiFi everywhere at home, you and your family can use the internet, stream media, game, and watch movies all at the same time. Safely and without any hiccups.

Comfortica ensures that poor WiFi at home or WiFi dead zones are a thing of the past with Comfortica Network Installation. As a business owner, you can also do without a poor WiFi signal. Want to improve WiFi speed at home or at the office? Comfortica Network Installation is your ultimate WiFi booster.

Boosting WiFi signal is a matter of a good network

To have good WiFi everywhere at home or in your office building, we at Comfortica know the key to success is a good network. It is often thought you can improve the WiFi signal by using a WiFi repeater. The opposite is true. By using a WiFi signal amplifier, the internet speed will actually decrease. A strong WiFi signal depends on a good network. Comfortica Network Installation ensures that all your devices are connected to the network in the right way to improve WiFi.

By improving your WiFi, you can enjoy numerous benefits at home or in the office:

 Custom-designed and installed network solutions for your building, tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

  • Fast internet in every room of your home or business.
  • Combining wireless and wired networks.
  • Installation of a firewall.
  • New build: network incorporated in blueprints,
  • WiFi access points outside, such as in the canopy located at the back of the garden.
  • Enough bandwidth to support multiple users simultaneously engaging in activities such as gaming, creating content for YouTube, streaming movies on Netflix, and working from home online.

Improve WiFi to create sufficient bandwidth

By improving your WiFi, you can ensure that your home or office building has a reliable network and enough bandwidth at all times. Want to make sure you can have an online meeting or host a webinar, while your teens simultaneously engage in online activities such as gaming and streaming? Comfortica Network Installation helps to improve WiFi everywhere at home and guarantees you have a reliable network and enough bandwidth for everyone in your household or at the office.

Do you want to improve the WiFi signal in your home or office building? During the intake, we walk through your home or office building together and discuss the current problems of the WiFi signal, the possibilities, and your wishes. We then install a custom-designed network tailored to your specific needs and requirements. No more poor WiFi or WiFi dead zones at home or in the office ever again!

Wireless access points improve WiFi

An extensive internet package from an internet provider unfortunately does not guarantee good coverage of the WiFi signal in your home or office building. The insulation level and size of the house or office building but also the increasing number of smart devices that use the network have a negative influence on the network signal and cause poor WiFi at home or in the office. By improving the WiFi signal with wireless access points in strategic places such as in the attic or in an extension, you get a fully covered network and WiFi everywhere in the house or in your office building. When we improve the WiFi signal, we install wireless access points on the wall or ceiling and connect them to the router in the utility closet with cables. In most cases, we can use existing pipes to run the cables. No breaking and chiseling of walls necessary!

One single wireless network to ensure good WiFi everywhere

At Comfortica, we ensure a strong WiFi signal everywhere at home or at the office by having a single wireless network installed and properly configured. We install multiple wireless access points at strategic points throughout your property and connect them to the router to transmit the network signal throughout the entire house or business premises. To improve WiFi, we connect both wireless and wired networks; create a special guest network; connect devices and a WiFi signal booster; and test the network. Of course, we also leave the network cabinet neatly finished. The installation comes with a one-year warranty. Afterwards, our maintenance contract ensures good WiFi coverage is maintained everywhere in your home or office.

Improve WiFi even more? For an additional fee, we can install a firewall, hide cables instead of using cable channels, keep your software up to date with a maintenance contract, or have additional access points installed, for example, for your outdoor patio.

Comfortica Network Installation package: Procedure and components

  • Intake on site.
  • Custom-designed network & installation.
  • Access points.
  • WiFi repeater.
  • Measuring signal strength to prevent dead zones.
  • Set up guest network.
  • Firewall setup.
  • Opportunity for maintenance contract after expiration one-year warranty.

Want to improve WiFi signal in your home or business premises?

Do you want to improve WiFi in every room at home or in the office? Comfortica makes it happen! In new construction projects, we can incorporate the network installation in the blueprints, so the locations of access points and other network components can be taken into account during construction and installation work. To guarantee a strong network, we work with products from the well-known brand Unifi. Discover the possibilities of a strong WiFi signal in our demo house in Enschede.

  • Customized design and installation

  • Fast broadband in every single area

  • Wireless and wired network can be combined

  • Wireless and wired network can be combined

  • Access points outside your house, like the terrace or green house in the back of your garden

  • Firewall installation

  • New house? Your network installation can be included in your blueprints

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