Kids and smart home automation: great support system!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ‘program’ your kids in such way, they would always turn down the lights when leaving a room? Or that they would automatically stop playing games on their PlayStation after an hour? It would sure come in handy, but programmed kids? Better not. Thankfully smart home automation can really help you out here! Not only when you have kids who always forget to lock the door or tend to leave the lights on in each and every room. But also, when you have a little one who still has frequent bathroom visits at night but finds that too scary because of the dark. Smart home automation has your back when it comes to your kid’s safety, helps bring your utility bill down and keeps the gaming habits of your kid in check.

Safety measurements
Danger is just one step away from happening when little ones start exploring the world. Those little holes in power outlets, electric appliances… they can be real magnets for our little adventurers. It therefore can really bring peace of mind when you know you can ‘cut’ the power off to those things.

Smart home automation can also help keep your little chef in check who might find it a great idea to surprise you with self-made cupcakes on a Sunday morning: with smart home automation you can make sure kitchen appliances can only be activated when you are in the kitchen.

No unnecessary lighting
Have a little one who’s a bit scared of the dark, but needs to visit the bathroom regularly at night? Wouldn’t it be great if there is a light rail going from his or her bedroom to the bathroom, that automatically lights up when motion is detected? And while you’re at it, why not do this for every room in the house? This way you can make sure lights will only stay on in a room where someone is actually present.

Do you have a kid that keeps losing his key or forget where he or she left it? Not a very pleasant idea, right? Smart home automation has solutions for this too. You can have all windows closed and doors locked automatically when the last one of the family leaves the house for school or work, for instance. Or instead of using a key, use a phone or fingerprint. And when your kid loses his or her digital key fob you don’t have to worry about someone gaining excess to your house with it, because you can easily disconnect it, making the lost key fob unusable.

Game control
Got teenagers? They are often way more independent, but some parental supervision can still be quite useful. Especially if you have a gamer in your house. Smart home automation gives you the possibility to create a time slot or temporarily shut of the power to the outlet where the Xbox is connected to. This way you make sure your kid is not tempted to game, while he or she should learn for his mid-term exams. Is your teenager always ‘freezing’ and therefore inclined to turn on the heating to such levels your house feels like you’re in the Amazon? Thanks to smart heating you can not only keep that climate limited to his or her room, you can also set a maximum temperature or connect it to movement. So, when your tropical bird leaves for school, but forgets to turn down the heat again, it will be turned down automatically.

Smart home automation and kids? It’s a great combo. For safety, to make sure your energy bill doesn’t go through the roof and to make sure gaming habits don’t get out of control.

Smart home automation solutions for kids? Comfortica makes it happen.