Independent living with smart home devices

Independent living with smart home devices is easier and more affordable. Official assistive devices or independent living aids normally don’t come cheap. Fortunately, smart home devices open a world of new, affordable, and personalized possibilities when it comes to independent living aids. Saving you a lot of headaches from trying to cut through the red tape in order to get the support you need for assisted living.


Assisted living

Having to move out of your beloved house to a senior living or assisted living facility because of your age or disability is not easy. Thankfully, smart home devices are becoming a full-fledged alternative for assistive devices that support independent living. At home and at senior or assisted living facilities.

What technology helps with arthritis

In need of a domestic help for daily chores because of your rheumatoid arthritis or Parkinson’s? Here is a list of smart home solutions and devices that can help:

  • Automated curtains.
  • Smart key to unlock doors in the form of a card or your phone.
  • A button that can switch off all lights in the house at once.
  • A smart doorbell with camera connected to your phone, so you can not only see who is at the door, but also open the door with your phone.
  • A robotic vacuum cleaner.
  • Smart plant pots.

The big advantage of smart home devices compared to official assistive devices is that they are affordable; they can be integrated with other electronic devices (thus one remote control instead of a separate one for each device); and you are not dependent on an agency like the NHS to qualify for assistive devices. Independent living has never been easier and more affordable.

Safety and assisted living

Smart home solutions increase safety as well. A smart home device like a smart oven or smart washing machine can switch off automatically. When you use a smart adapter even the simplest iron or coffee maker can be turned off automatically.

Motion sensors can monitor and prevent wandering in case of early onset Alzheimer for instance. They can register when windows or doors are opened and combined with a smart lock you can prevent this from happening at night. Improving safety without the need to install cameras, which, for a lot of people, feels like a huge invasion of their privacy.

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Independent living with smart home devices? Comfortica makes it happen.