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Home Cinema: The ultimate audio video experience

Are you a movie lover at heart, do you enjoy binge-watching your favorite Netflix series for hours on end, or do your children never tire of playing games on their PlayStation or Xbox? If so, chances are you dream of transforming your living room into a home cinema. Or perhaps you even want to have a home cinema setup in a separate room in your home? Whatever you choose, creating a sublime cinema experience starts with great sound and beautiful visuals.

High-end or budget home cinema: At Comfortica, we use the best audio-video systems, projectors, screens, speakers, and surround sound systems to create the perfect home cinema that meets all your needs and personal preferences. We also offer full home cinema setups and integration into a home automation system. Interested in a home cinema setup for your home or business? We would be happy to advise you on the endless possibilities!

Why choose Comfortica for your home cinema installation?

 Expert advice on speaker locations – built-in or standalone.

  • Guidance on choosing audio/video systems and optimizing acoustics.
  • Specialist in multi-room audio systems.
  • Full home cinema setups available.
  • Seamless audio video distribution to every room, or selective areas.
  • Integration in home automation system.
  • Optional maintenance contract after expiration one-year warranty.

Experience optimal sound in your home cinema

Having a home cinema installed by Comfortica means enjoying the best image and sound. Are you a true music lover? Then this should sound like music to your ears! In a home cinema, you can also play your favorite music, with or without accompanying videos. But why limit a high-quality audio system to just the living room, when you can enjoy optimal sound in your home office, kitchen, hobby room, bedroom, and bathroom as well? With Comfortica’s multiroom audio systems, it’s all possible. Do your children also listen to music endlessly? Thanks to our audio and video systems, they can endlessly stream and listen to their Spotify playlist and favorite YouTube channels from their smartphones in their own room.

Home cinema setup for new build

If you are planning to move into a new build or undergo major renovations, consider incorporating a home cinema into your plans and have your audio and video system incorporated into the blueprints. This way Comfortica can supervise and manage the installation of the home cinema for you, allowing you to focus on more enjoyable tasks than dealing with the electrician. As an extra bonus, the TV boxes will be neatly tucked away, The TVs can be mounted directly onto the wall for a seamless and sleek look, and the speakers will be fully integrated into the home automation system.

The best audio video experience for businesses

Are you a business owner looking to create a state-of-the-art audio video experience or home cinema at your workplace? At Comfortica, we offer endless possibilities for audio and video systems to meet your business needs. Whether you want a paging system that can be heard equally well in the warehouse as in the conference room, or the same background music or video display in every room for the ultimate customer experience, we’ve got you covered. Comfortica provides the best audio video experience for you, your employees, and your customers in every room.

Home cinema setup with integration to home automation system

Did you know that you can also connect your home cinema to a home automation system? Our installer will set up the home theater control system and connect your current equipment to it. You can easily control the system via a tablet. With just one touch, everything, including audio and video, is set up correctly. By integrating your home cinema into your home automation, you can enjoy your favorite music, movies, and TV shows in no time. But the home automation system offers even more convenience.

For example, the home automation system ensures that the lighting automatically turns on when you enter the room of your home cinema, the projection screen automatically drops, and the curtains close. Then, the lights will dim as soon as your movie starts. We also define and program a few scenes together with you so that managing your home cinema is as easy as possible and perfectly tailored to your wishes. The only thing you need to do by yourself is to grab the popcorn.

What components are included in the home cinema automation system?

  • Base unit
  • Built-in dimmer modules
  • Six-meter curtain rail
  • Control of three devices
  • Tablet of your choice
  • Motion sensor
  • Router
  • Includes on-site installation.

Want a home cinema setup with the best audio video experience?

Whether you want a high-end or budget home cinema in your living room or any other room in your house, the ultimate movie experience starts with great picture and sound. At Comfortica, we create the perfect home cinema using the best audio and video systems, speakers, surround sound systems, screens, and projectors. You’re welcome to visit our demo house in Enschede, where we’ll listen to your home cinema ideas and show you the endless possibilities!

  • Advice on which audio/video system works best for you

  • Advice on speaker location, built-in as well as floor standing.

  • Multi-room audio systems

  • Audio/Video separated for or linked to every room

  • Integrated in smart home system

  • Complete home cinema installation possible

  • Maintenance contract optionable

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