Home automation as strong as the weakest link

A telephone bill of €7000, -… Because someone got hacked through his solar panels. Not fake news in the Dutch newspaper AD end June 2018! Lesson: It is great that you can link all your devices, control them with your cellphone and use the Cloud for storage, but the risks of a security leak increases dramatically because of it. While you can prevent it with the right knowledge and using premium devices.

A bargain can come at a high price

Home automation systems all have a security risk because they use Wi-Fi. How? For instance, you have a high-end home automation system. You always make sure you have run the latest software updates and you regularly change your passwords. All is fine. Until you bought and installed that cheap little IP-camera. Which opened a ‘back door’ to your system. That doesn’t have to be a problem right away. Software updates fix mistakes like these. But your cheap IP-camera comes with a price: it doesn’t have software updates. When a hacker discovers a leak, he is in your system.

Local network or on the Cloud

Also, something to think about: where do you store your data? Not everything has to be uploaded to the cloud. Store data locally where possible. This prevents the opening of so-called back doors. Often have visitors who want to use your Wi-Fi? Create a separate network for guests.


Want to make sure you don’t open any back doors? Make sure you have premium devices and have your home automation installed by an expert. With a service contract you are guaranteed an optimal secured system, even when extending your system with new devices.

Have you set up your own system, but want to make sure you thought of everything when it comes to securing your system?  Sign up for a workshop of the home automation expert.

Your home automation is as strong as your weakest link. Prevent opening back doors. Hire an expert!

A secured home automation system. Comfortica makes it possible.