Fully enjoy your garden – by automating your gardening

You have a beautiful garden, you truly enjoy. Expect the maintenance part of it… Fortunately you have a gardener for all the big seasonal maintenance. But that day-to-day regular stuff like mowing the lawn, watering your plants, sigh… Do you truly want to enjoy your garden, without it taking up all your free time? You can, thanks to home automation! Automating your garden doesn’t stop at your lighting plan. Mowing the lawn, watering it and your plants: thanks to home automation it can all be taken care of. Enjoy your free time!

Watering only when it’s needed

A beautiful garden is like a jewel for your house. But the maintenance can take up a lot of free time. If you rather spend your free time different, smart automation is the solution. Imagine:

  • Your lawn automatically mowed by your robot lawnmower.
  • Your plants and grass automatically getting watered. On set times or only when the moisture sensor says it’s time to (no unnecessary use of water).
  • With an app on your phone checking and adjusting the temperature of your pond.
  • Have a dog kennel in your garden? But are away a lot? Why not install a camera to check upon your dogs? You can even automate the feeding process of your dogs.

Smart automation makes outside living easy, for people and their pets.

Solution for living in wooded area

Do you live in or near a forest? Often municipalities in wooded areas as well as wildlife are not too keen on constantly brightly illuminated houses. While you want a well-lit home for safety reasons. Home automation in combination with green lights can help you out here. You can for instance not only adjust the brightness of your garden lights depending on the time of night, but also make your garden automation system switch to green lights when night falls.

Even your plants will appreciate it, because they don’t flourish optimally when being exposed to bright lights 24/7. Don’t see the necessity of a well-lit garden all the time anyway? Link your light sensors to time, the sun or motion. This way the lights to your shed only switch on when you walk towards it, for instance.

Spot lights both beautiful as practical

Not only want a well-lit garden, but also a well-lit house? Install spot lights around your house to make it stand out. When night falls, they’ll illuminate your house in the most beautiful way. After midnight you can automatically let the spot lights dim.

Besides making your beautiful house stand out in the evening you can also integrate spot lights in your alarm system. By making them flash for instance when motion sensors in your garden get activated in the middle of the night.


Lighting plan fixed, but are you also looking for a solution against that warm sun on hot summer days? Let your blinds or shutters close automatically when the temperature meets a certain level. Or let the blinds go in or out automatically depending on the time of day.

Enjoy your house, your garden, your free time. Automatically. Comfortica makes it possible.