FIBARO fortifies your alarm system

Alarm systems and home automation systems are often seen and installed as two separate systems. But by integrating your alarm system into your home automation you get more out of your alarm system. Does your certified alarm need to have its own, separated, system? No problem. FIBARO can still readout its data and link it to actions

Nothing better than knowing your alarm system will set off an alarm or warns your security company. Or that your FIBARO motion sensors detect unwanted visitors and sends a warning to your cellphone. When you link these two systems however, you create endless security possibilities. That not only makes you feel safe & secure, but also provides the best protection of your belongings.

More actions in case of trouble

By integrating your alarm system into your FIBARO system, you can have many extra types of actions executed when there is trouble. Tailored to your specific wishes and needs. For instance:

  • FIBARO can automatically lock all your doors and windows when your motion detectors are activated when you are not at home. At the same time your Satel alarm will warn your security company.
  • Motion sensors activated in just one room? FIBARO can also lock only that specific room, while your Satel alarms your security.
  • Or let all the lights in and around your house flash, when your motion sensors are activated.


Give the impression you’re home

With FIBARO you can already set up all kinds of smart solutions to give the impression you’re home, when you’re not, like:

  • Let a ‘dog’ bark when somebody presses the doorbell.
  • Let the lights in your house go on and off ‘at random’. Burglars notice it when your lights switch on and off automatically on set times.
  • Your gate can open and close for a minute to give the impression you just came home.
  • Lights that go on in the evening, followed by curtains that close and your television that goes on.
  • Your blinds can open and close ‘at random’, what gives a more realistic idea of you being at home compared to when this would happen on set times.

The security options are endless with FIBARO. Comfortica makes it happen.