Even more possibilities with FIBARO’s new Home Center 3

YES! Finally, FIBARO Home Center 3 arrived! The first results look very promising, but don’t get your wallet out just yet! Comfortica is doing some extensive tests the coming months. So, you won’t have to deal with the unexpected hiccups new software systems often face. There is also an interesting software-update planned for the 2nd half of 2020. It’s worth the wait!

The new FIBARO Home Center 3 looks completely different insight and out compared to its predecessor. Where the old FIBARO Home Center was made of aluminum and grey of color. FIBARO Home Center 3 has a nice black cover (looks great next to your Xbox), is considerably smaller, and weighs less.

New software

The software matured as well: the controller now has its own SSL-certificate. Besides this significant safety update, the new Home Center 3 is much faster and easier to program. The new controller also brought a lot more possibilities and protocols. Especially starting the 2nd part of 2020 when the new software-update arrives. Which will include the support of Zigbee products and 433mhz devices!

Software update FIBARO Home Center 3

This software update of the FIBARO Home Center 3 is precisely the reason you should  wait a couple of months before you purchase it. After the update the controller will be able to control products like Philips Hue lights or your Ikea roll curtains. As far as 433mhz support it looks like it will only support Nice-products in the near future.

Another reason to wait just a bit, is that new systems often face some hiccups in the beginning. It’s better to wait till your specialist tackled these. So you’ll have a reliable and stable smart home system. Already have a FIBARO Home Center, but want to upgrade it to the Home Center 3? It’s good to know that your current protocols can’t be transferred to the new controller 1 on 1. But hopefully in a few months they can.

FIBARO best home automation protocol

Preliminary conclusion: the new FIBARO Home Center 3 is definitely worth buying. It has far more possibilities and protocols, is safer, faster and easier to install. But wait a few months, so you know for sure possible hiccups are cured and the new software update supports your Zigbee products.

Want to be sure your new smart home system is installed safe and secure. That all protocols work like they should? Let Comfortica replace and install your system!

A safe and more useful FIBARO upgrade? Comfortica makes it happen.

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