Save energy effortlessly

Saving money has never been easier. Having insight into your habits and aligning your appliances to them, is good not only for the environment but also for your wallet. You don’t even have to put in an effort to do so.

Comfortica’s Energy Savings Package will show you exactly where, when and how much energy you consume. Comfortica uses this data to set up your smart home system so that energy will be used as efficient as possible. Have solar panels? Comfortica will make sure that the overflow of generated energy will be used wisely.

Brings comfort

Besides saving money, your smart home system also brings comfort. Like the heating turned on before you come home. Air conditioning switched on when a certain temperature is reached. Switching off your washing machine when it is done. Or lights that turn on when you enter a room and switch off when you leave. Saving energy and comfortable living goes hand in hand.

Automatically switched off

From now on you will never have to worry whether you left your iron on, whether you switched off your computer or turned off the lights upstairs. Your habits will actually make you money with the smart home solutions of Comfortica.

  • An ’everything switched off’ scene for when you leave your house

  • A warm house when you come home from work

  • Insight in the energy consumption of your appliances

  • Climate control based on temperature, humidity and presence

  • Smart use of (too much) generated energy of your solar panels

  • A thermostat that lowers the temperature when a door or window is open

  • Air conditioning switched on when a certain temperature is reached

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