One-Stop-Shop to control all your digital and electrical equipment

All your systems customized. From home automation to security. From a single room to your whole premises, including the garden. Comfortica creates the ultimate – digital – freedom and safety for your house and business.

The Comfortica Custom Install Package is tailored to your daily needs and wishes. Together we’ll design a complete system for your home or business.

Whether it’s for an existing building or new to build. For smart home, security, camera, audio or video solutions. Life made easy, the best digital way.

Endless possibilities

The possibilities are endless with custom installation: from garden lights that switch on automatically when dusk sets in, to windows and doors that lock the moment your motion sensors are activated.

From monumental to newly built

Comfortica’s wireless systems can be used for any kind of building: from monumental to brand new. There is no need to cut openings in walls or ceilings!


Don’t want to deal with all the fuss during the renovation or construction of your house or office? Don’t want to monitor the installation of your electrical and digital systems? No problem! With the Custom Install package, Comfortica offers the possibility of a One-Stop-Shop for just this. We can include your systems in your blueprints; give advice on cabling and electrically controlled matters such as screens and fencing; but also supervise your electrician to ensure wires and access locations are where they should be for your system(s).
The Comfortica Custom Install package guarantees a fully customized, excellent working system. From home automation to security.

  • Smart home solutions from single room till entire premises

  • Customized security- and camera system integrated with your smart home system

  • All rooms and windows locked at the touch of a button

  • Voice activated audio

  • ’Everything switched off scene when going to bed

  • Curtains opening automatically at the crack of dawn

  • Advise, installation and coordination of all electronic matters during construction

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