Home automation creates the best comfortable home

Wonder how to automate your house? Comfortica’s Home Automation makes it happen. Home automation is a good investment that offers numerous benefits that help create the best comfortable home.

Such as coming home to a warm and well-lit house; the ability to turn off all the lights at once when you go to bed; or remotely turning your washing machine on or off. There is so much possible in terms of home automation. For example, you can have the garage door open automatically upon your arrival, open the front door with your smartphone, adjust the heating based on your agenda. or automatically open up the curtains at the crack of dawn. Want to have a comfortable home? Home automation makes it happen.

Home automation ideas

If you want to create optimal comfort in your house, home automation offers endless possibilities. Smart home automation products create a smart home that makes life much easier and comfortable because it automates daily tasks. Smart home automation ideas can help automate:

  • Lighting
  • Sun protection
  • Climate control
  • Audio
  • Energy
  • Security
  • Home access control
  • Swimming pool and wellness

Home automation scenes

Comfortica has a fitting home automation package for all possible smart home ideas. By automating your home with our Home Automation Comfort package, you can create a scene for every possible situation, to which the electronics in your home will respond accordingly. For example, you can create a home automation scene that automatically dims the lights and closes the curtains when you turn on the tv. Comfortica creates a number of scenes for you upon installation that are based on your day-to-day habits and everyday tasks. You can manage your home automation easily by smartphone.

What can you expect from Comfortica’s home automation installation? The best smart home automation system that is barely noticeable. The home automation system itself will be stored in a place where it does not bother you, and the wiring (if even necessary) is neatly concealed. With Comfortica’s home automation packages, you create a smart home that provides extra comfort, a luxurious way of living, and optimal safety.

Comfortica’s Home Automation Comfort package

Are you looking for a smart home system that helps create a comfortable home? Comfortica’s Home Automation Comfort package offers you the best home automation fully tailored to your desires, demands and daily habits. When installing the Home Automation Comfort package, we connect four smart light switches to your home automation system that can be easily dimmed and switched on and off. We also connect two smart plugs to your existing equipment when automating your home with the Home Automation Comfort package. With these smart plugs, devices can be turned on and off automatically or remotely.

Furthermore, the package contains two motion sensors that ensure the full home automation experience where you have to operate as little as possible. You can manage your home automation system and home automation products with a control panel or remote control like a tablet or your smartphone. Comfortica will set up your control(s) on the spot.

How to start with home automation?

With smart home automation, you turn your house into a smart home where electronics are automated and everyday tasks made easy. How to start with home automation? You are welcome to visit our demo house in Enschede, where we map out your desires and happily show you the many possibilities with home automation!

  • Lights that go on when you enter a room

  • All appliances switched off all at once when you go to bed

  • Opening your front door remotely with your smartphone

  • Curtains and shutters closing automatically when night falls

  • Garage door opens automatically when you drive up to your house

  • Lights dim when you turn on the television

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