Comfortably living in a smart home

Imagine coming home to a warm and well lit house everyday. To be able to turn off all lights in your house with the push of one button when you go to bed. To turn off your washing machine when it’s done – when you are at work.

The smarthome Comfort Package creates the ultimate comfortable living experience. From the garage door that opens when you drive up to your house till curtains that automatically open when the sun rises. Live comfortably with the Comfort Package.

Endless possibilities

The heating aligned with your agenda. Lights that turn on the moment you enter a room and turn off when you leave. Opening the front door with your smartphone when you walk up to your house with your groceries. Appliances that run fully automatic. The possibilities are endless.

Personalized scenes

Comfortica will install the smart home Comfort System. Together we’ll set up several scenes aligned with your habits and agenda. Like turning off all lights at once at 11 pm or automatically start your washing machine at 8 am. Day-to-day life has never been more comfortable. And you can control the system with your smartphone!

  • Lights that go on when you enter a room

  • All appliances switched off all at once when you go to bed

  • Opening your front door remotely with your smartphone

  • Curtains and shutters closing automatically when night falls

  • Garage door opens automatically when you drive up to your house

  • Lights dim when you turn on the television

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