Business automation – From fully automated climate control till optimal security

Climate control and security of your business are easy as 1, 2, 3 with the business automation systems of Comfortica. Connected to your CRM-system you will never have to think about turning on the heat at your party locations again. And no matter where you are, even when on a business trip to the other side of the world, you can monitor your building.

The business automation systems of Comfortica support your daily business operations. Your CRM-booking system can not only be connected to the heating system of all your party locations, but also to the appliances of those locations. When a customer books a location, the business automation system will make sure the booked location is heated on the reserved date and appliances like a refrigerator are switched on on time.

Greenhouse options

Do you have a greenhouse complex? Comfortica will make sure the temperature will be just right thanks to the automated skylight system. Skylights open to a specified angle, thanks to the automated climate control. Heating systems and vents are linked, inside and outside temperature is monitored, as well as wind force and direction.

Safe energy

Lights in your office spaces, warehouses or sanitary facilities can be connected to motion sensors or adjusted to work habits. So when you park your car, the lights in your office switch on. Or lights turn on automatically when you enter a meeting room. Nobody present? Lights switch off automatically. This can save you a considerable amount of energy and thus money!


To secure your business premises, smart business systems have excellent options. Besides fine tuning the lights using motion sensors, your inside and outside camera system can be connected to a warning system, tailored to your wishes. When a suspicious activity is registered the lights in- and outside your building will be activated automatically. And you, and f.i. your security team, will immediately receive a warning. The live footage of the camera’s can be viewed anytime anywhere. Even when you are on a business trip.

Comfortica takes care of your day-to-day business operations and thus saves energy and money. So you can focus on the pleasant side of business.

  • Smart automated climate control

  • Your CRM-system connected to the heating system of your party locations

  • Lights linked to motion sensors

  • Live camera footage 24/7, wherever you are

  • Greenhouse automated skylight control

  • Meet catering security requirements around e.g. Legionella, by monitor and controlling water tank temperature

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