Experience music at home is if you were at a concert hall

Love music? Why limit yourself to only having great audio in your living room? Enjoy the best sound and video available throughout your house or business with Comfortica’s audio and video systems.

Any music enthusiastic has some good quality sound boxes in his or her living room. But why limit yourself to only one room? Why not create an ultimate sound experience in your bathroom, conservatory or man cave? Or score major points with your teenager connecting his or her Spotify playlist or YouTube channel to the audio/video system in their rooms?

Supervise and coordinate

Thanks to Comfortica you’ll be able to enjoy good sound and or video in every single room of your house or every space of your business premises. Planning to build a new house or business? Comfortica can include the design of your audio and video system in the blueprints. And when needed even supervise construction and electricity installation. This way you can focus on more fun things then going back and forth between construction workers and be ensured everything is installed as planned, so when your audio and video gets installed TV boxes will be out of sight, TV’s will be placed right against the wall and speakers will be completely integrated with your home automation system.

Integration in smart home system

By integrating your audio and video with your smart home system, you can enjoy your favorite music in your bathroom, while your teenager is listening to its latest Spotify playlist via the audio in his room.
All with a simple command of your phone. Multi-room audio systems? No problem! Do you want to experience the latest Netflix series like you were in a cinema? That’s not a problem either: Comfortica offers a complete home cinema installation. Including acoustics! Watching tv will never be the same.

Optimal customer experience

The audio- and video system possibilities for your company are endless as well. Want an audio announcements system for instance, which can be heard in the warehouse as well as the conference room? Or play the same background music or video in every single room for the ultimate customer experience? Comfortica will create the best audio- and video experience. For you, your personnel and your clients.

  • Advice on which audio/video system works best for you

  • Advice on speaker location, built-in as well as floor standing.

  • Multi-room audio systems

  • Audio/Video separated for or linked to every room

  • Integrated in smart home system

  • Complete home cinema installation possible

  • Maintenance contract optionable

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