Always a happy home feeling thanks to Satel

There is nothing more uncomfortable as knowing an unwanted person has been in your house. Thanks to Satel’s alarm systems you will have peace of mind (again). Go celebrate the holidays outdoors, step on those skies – yodelahitee – or leave for that business trip. Whatever the budget, Satel will keep you safe. Integrated with your smart home system, you have infinite security options!

Affordable to everyone
More and more people feel unsafe. Therefore, it’s good to know that an alarm system is not that expensive anymore – thanks to modern technology these kinds of systems are nowadays affordable to most people, not just the happy few.

That’s good news with the growing amount of expensive electronics in our household: all those cellphones, tablets, game consoles and what not are adding up nicely! When you realize that 90% of the burglaries are targeting easy to grab stuff like those electronics, it is good to know your hard-earned stuff will be safe and sound. Even when you are not around.

Fitted to your needs
To find out which kind of alarm system would best meet your needs, the focus during an intake will be on three subjects:
1. Your valuables
2. Weak spots in and around your house
3. Personal demands

After the intake, the ideal – tactical – locations for your motion sensors will be determined. Depending on the size and layout of your house and your specific demands, the ground floor of your home can already be secured by just three motion sensors.

Pretend you’re home
When integrating your alarm system with your smart home automation, you can create infinite security possibilities. Like for instance locking all doors and windows automatically when a motion sensor gets activated somewhere in your house. Or by leaving the impression you are at home because your lights or tv turn on or your curtains close at random times – instead of at set times like with a regular time clock.

Indoor climate safety
Do you worry about the quality of your indoor climate during the winter? Or are not too thrilled by the fact your boiler is active all the time, trying to keep all rooms nicely heated? It will be a good idea then to connect your smoke or CO-detectors to your alarm and home automation systems. When too much CO is detected, your systems automatically turn off your boiler, an alarm will go off and your windows will open. If you want, you can even let all your lights in- and outside your house flash, so people outside on the street notice something is wrong.

For everyone
So be rest assured. Go ski, celebrate Christmas outdoors, leave for that business trip. Newly built or monument, integrated in your home automation or not, wireless or wired, whatever the budget. The flexible systems of Satel will keep you, your family and your belongings safe and sound.

Want a happy home feeling whenever and wherever you are? Comfortica makes it possible.