A carefree holiday thanks to your smart home system

Wanna go on a holiday without worrying about leaving your house? With smart home automation you cannot only optimally secure your house, but also give the impression you never left. While keeping an eye on your house no matter where you are in the world. Have a great holiday!

A sense of peace starts with a good camera system. The surroundings of your house are being recorded 24/7. You can not only view the footage afterwards, but also check-in ‘live’ while you’re enjoying a cocktail in your hammock on some far away island.

As if you’re home

But there are so many more options when it comes to protecting your house during your absence. With a so-called ‘presence simulation’ you can make it look as if you are home. By ‘at random’ turning appliances on or off. Instead of having this on set times with a standard timer.

With this simulation your lights don’t automatically turn on when it’s dark, but irregularly, in different rooms, on different times. Your television can be turned on at different times and curtains and sun screens can be opened or closed at what seems ‘at random’ moments. Your front gate can open at 7 am one day, 10 minutes later the next. While opening at 8 am three days later. The presence simulation of Fibaro makes it look like you are the homiest person ever, never leaving the house.

Smart doorbell

Your smart doorbell can also help. With the Fibaro app you always see who just rang your doorbell, answer them, and even open the door. Whether you are climbing the Rockies or snoozing on a pacific beach. Is the mail man delivering a package? You can easily open the door for him, so he can place your package in your hallway. While all the other doors to the rest of your house remain locked of course.

Did your motion sensor detect something? With your app you can let your neighbour in to check it out. By either opening the door, giving him access with a – time limited – access code or fingerprint. Somebody you don’t know ringing your doorbell? Why not let your digital dog go ‘loose’. You can program this as a standard reaction or choose to do so only by command via your Fibaro app.

Hack-proof your system

Great all that digital security, but can’t it be hacked? Well yes it can. That’s why it is so important to let your smart home system be installed by a professional. He will make sure only the essential goes via the cloud and your software and firmware stay up-to-date.

This way you prevent your camera’s becoming a security risk. Cameras are often connected through a network. With a cable and a laptop this is easy to break into. By separating your cameras from the rest of your network, an ‘analogue’ burglar can’t break in ‘digitally’ with his laptop.

A carefree holiday? Comfortica makes it possible.