Want to reduce your ecological footprint without having to think about it? Use home automation!

You sort your waste, isolate your house, use led lights… you contribute. But how can you bring your ecological footprint even further down, with all these electronic appliances and devices you have, and you thoroughly enjoy using? The more devices the more usage of electricity, right? Well, that’s not always the case! Besides devices having become more economical, connecting them to your home automation system, you can drastically bring down the standby power. Have an office or industrial building? The money you can safe on your energy bill when installing building automation can be quite substantial! Not to mention school buildings, in which tens of millions can be saved!1


No complicated interference

Yes, climate change is really important. That’s why you always sort your waste, have solar panels on your roof, only use led lights etc. And you don’t mind doing even more to make a positive impact. But if possible, without any difficult changes to your day-to-day life please. You enjoy your easy and comfortable life at home.

No worries: that doesn’t have to change a bit. Thanks to home automation! Even when all your family members have a cell phone, a tablet and a pc.

Smart power plug

How this is possible? By letting all the appliances in your house be operated via, for instance, a smart power plug. And while you’re busy anyway, why not make your lights and heating also ‘smart’. For example:

  • Cellphone charged? The smart power plug will prevent any standby power.
  • Nobody using the computer? No standby power needed then.
  • Washing machine finished? It will automatically switch off.
  • Somebody opening a window? The temperature in that room will automatically be turned down.
  • Turning the air-conditioning on? Not before all windows are closed.
  • Nobody in a room? Lights automatically switch off after a few minutes.

Besides costing unnecessary money, appliances that are always plugged in also create a fire hazard. Something the smart power plug can prevent. No chance of batteries being overheated, because the power will switch off the moment a device is charged!

Substantial saving for industrial buildings

Nowadays a lot of people will automatically turn off the lights when leaving a room. At home. This is however often not the case when at work. Therefore, it is a smart idea to install building automation. Nobody in the warehouse or meeting room? Then lights will switch off automatically after a few set minutes. This can save you a substantial amount of money on your electrical bill.

With heating systems in industrial buildings this is even more so the case. Many of those buildings are still heated in an old-fashioned way – which costs a lot of money. A waste when your building is not used all day/week.

30% reduction of energy usage

This is even more the case with school buildings. Turns out most schools can lower their energy bill by even more than 30%1,2: simply by ‘connecting’ the heating system to the actual presence of people in the building!

It turns out that at most schools and 1 to 2 out of 10 business1 the heating is not turned down during holiday, in evenings, at nights and in the weekends. And even when they are not switched on, the boiler is constantly working. Not necessary and easy to fix with home automation.

When ‘connecting’ not only lights but also the heating system to the actual presence of people, you can save a lot of energy and thus money. Simply by doing it automatically.

Want to reduce your ecological footprint? Without even having to think about it? Comfortica makes it possible.

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