Smart home security – protect your home to relax at home

Smart home security makes for relaxed living. Whether you are at home or on a business trip, your smart home security system watches over you, your loved ones, and your belongings.

You will always know what’s going on at home with a smart home security system including cameras, motion detectors, smart window sensors and door sensors linked to a personalized alarm system. Thanks to the smart door lock, you no longer have to wonder if you have locked the door. A smart security camera outdoor captures any movement thanks to motion sensors. Away on a (business) trip? When you create a vacation scene, your smart home security leaves the impression you never left. Home security cameras give you the opportunity to see live footage from inside and around your home, wherever you are. In short, home security systems create peace of mind.

What are the possibilities of Comfortica’s smart home security?

  • Live 24/7 footage from inside and around the house.
  • Possibility to check the status of your home wherever you are.
  • A vacation scene to make it look you’re at home.
  • Message with photo on your smartphone when someone is at the door.
  • Deactivates devices when no longer in use.
  • Lights automatically switch on when it gets dark outside.
  • Light and sound signals in case of fire.
  • Emergency panic button.

Best smart home security at the push of a button

Comfortica’s smart home security is easy to operate, literally at the push of a button. Smart home security ideas we can install: a smart home security scene to lock all windows and doors simultaneously. Receive a message including image on your smartphone the moment someone is at the door. Install smart security cameras inside your home and several security cameras outdoor for 24/7 live access to security footage. No matter where you are at that moment. Home security also makes it possible to activate sound and light signals in case of fire. Comfortica can even install an emergency panic button. Comfortica’s smart home security helps protect your home, so you can relax at home.

Smart home security cameras and sensors

At Comfortica, we install smart home security with multiple home security cameras indoor and home security cameras outdoor. You can check and see what’s going on at home via smartphone, tablet, or computer. In addition to home security cameras, we install several motion detectors, smart door sensors and window sensors. You (or a designated third party) receive an instant notification on your smartphone when an unwanted guest enters your house or premises. We also install a siren and flashlight to deter intruders.”

Protect your home for relaxed living and comfort

Smart home security is more than an alarm system to scare of burglars. It also includes smart adjustment of lights and appliances at your home. This guarantees devices such as your iron or coffee maker to automatically switch off when not in use. You never have to wonder whether or not you forgot to lock the door, because your smart door locks itself automatically when you leave the house. Garden lights switch on automatically to scare away the dark in those long winter nights.

To activate or de-active your smart home security system you can simply use your smartphone or an alarm panel. Key fobs for your keychain guarantee easy access to your home by you and your family members. For which you can also use your smartphone of course.

Comfortica’s home security consists of:

  • Base unit
  • Home security cameras outdoor
  • Window sensors
  • Door sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Siren with flashing light
  • Router
  • On-site installation.

Relaxed living with home security systems?

Do you want to protect your home so you can relax at home? Comfortica’s smart home security makes it possible with home security cameras, smart window sensors and door sensors, and motion detectors linked to an alarm system. We protect your home, so you can relax at home. Check out home security options at our demo house in Enschede.

  • Live footage from in- and outside your house

  • Option to view the status of your home no matter where you are

  • A Holiday scene so it looks like you’re at home even when faraway

  • Image on your smartphone when somebody is standing in front of your door

  • Deactivation of appliances that are not in use

  • Lights turned on automatically when it gets dark

  • Light- and sound warning system in case of fire

  • Panic button in case of emergencies

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