A smart home watches over you, your loved ones and your belongings

Relaxed living is safe living. Optimal security by using cameras connected to a warning system designed to suit your needs. But also by fine tuning lights and appliances.

The smart home Security Package gives peace of mind. Set up camera’s inside and around your house of which you can watch the footage anywhere at anytime you want. But you can also get sound- and light signals in case of a fire or have a panic button installed for emergencies.

Holiday scene

Comfortica’s smart home systems ensure the ultimate secured living experience. Whether it is a holiday scene, that gives the impression you are at home when you are faraway. Or because you have 24/7 access to cctv live footage of your house and its surrounding, no matter where you are. With the Security Package you’ll always know what’s going on in and around your house.

Switched off automatically

Safety also means that appliances like your iron or coffee machine are switched off automatically when they are no longer in use. That you never have to wonder whether or not you locked your front door. Or that, in the dark winter months, lights turn on at sunset.

Optimally protected

Comfortica can install scenes that lock all doors and windows when you leave your house. Or make sure you get a message including an image on your smartphone when somebody is standing outside your door. All, so you feel optimally protected.

  • Live footage from in- and outside your house

  • Option to view the status of your home no matter where you are

  • A Holiday scene so it looks like you’re at home even when faraway

  • Image on your smartphone when somebody is standing in front of your door

  • Deactivation of appliances that are not in use

  • Lights turned on automatically when it gets dark

  • Light- and sound warning system in case of fire

  • Panic button in case of emergencies

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