A smart home ensures your safety, that of your loved ones and your belongings

Whether you are at home or away on a business trip, Comfortica’s Security Package watches over you and your belongings. With camera’s, motion detectors and sensors for windows and doors you always know what is going in and around your house. And you never have to wonder again whether or not you locked your door!

Comfortica installs two outdoor camera’s. Via live streaming you can, no matter where you are, always see what is going on around your house. On your smart phone, tablet or pc.

Motion sensors

Comfortica secures your home with two door- and window sensors and motion detectors. When an intruder enters your home, you or a third party will immediately get a warming.

A siren with flashlight will also be installed to scare off possible intruders.


To enable or disable the security system you’ll get a control panel and five so called key fobs for on your key chain. Of course you can also use your smart phone.

  • 1 base station

  • 2 outdoor camera’s

  • 2 window- and door sensors

  • 2 motion sensors

  • 1 siren with flashlight

  • Router

  • Installation included

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