The possibilities are endless with Comfortica

The smart home options for your house or company are endless. From lights that are activated by motion sensors to appliances that switch of automatically when no longer used, till automatically locking all doors and windows when leaving the house. Want to do it yourself? Comfortica will teach you how to.

Audio & Video

A sound experience like you are live at the concert or a public address system that can be heard throughout your warehouse? The Comfortica audio/video installation package makes it possible.

Really into music, a big movie fan or want to create the best customer experience for your customers? Whether you want to experience Disney+ like you are at the cinema or want a multi-room audio system for your compagnie, Comfortica creates the ultimate sound and visual experience.

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The Comfortica service contract guarantees you an optimally functioning system. Even when the warranty is up.

Want to make sure the software of your smart home system or security system is always up to date? Don’t want to worry about possible bugs, software-updates or defects? Then the Comfortica service contract is ideal!

In addition to the certainty that your system will always perform optimally, you also get a discount on hour rate, hardware and call-out fee.

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