Great coverage - thanks to your own network installation

Comfortica’s network installation package ensures you’ll have great coverage throughout your house or business premises. No more internet stalling in the middle of an online meeting or while watching your latest addiction. Whether you are way up in the attic or in your home office located at the back of your house.

During the intake we’ll walk through your house or business premises together to discuss the problems you are currently facing, discuss your wishes and possibilities, all so you’ll get the internet coverage and speed you desire. Comfortica will take care of the complete installation of your ideal network.

One network

Comfortica installs three wireless access points throughout your house (at least – depending on the size of your property and wishes). Connected to the router they can transmit the network signal throughout your house or business premises. Wireless and wired systems will be connected, a special guest network created, devices connected and of course the network will be tested. Cables and such are of course nicely concealed, leaving you with a great network no one will notice – until they get online.

After the installation you’ll have one wireless network throughout your entire building – covering all your online needs.

You’ll receive a 1-year warranty.

Extra options

Want to make sure your network performs the best possible way after the warranty expires? A software maintenance contract is optional. Other additional options are the installation of your own firewall ; invisible cable solutions in stead of cable trays; or the installation of extra access points (at additional costs).

New build

Going to build a new house or business in the near future? Let Comfortica include the network details in the blueprints. This way the location of access points and other network parts can be taken into account during construction and electricity installation.

To guarantee a good network, Comfortica uses the products of the renowned brand Ubiquiti.

  • Intake

  • Design and installation from start to finish

  • 3 access points, extra ones optionable

  • Signal tests to prevent dead zones

  • Guest network

  • Maintenance contract optionable

  • Firewall configuration

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