Lean & green business? Integrate home automation solutions in your primary business processes.

Smart home automation solutions are about more than an upgrade of your security system or the latest tech toy. Integrating smart home automation solutions in primary business processes saves a company time, manpower, energy and thus money. Want a lean and green future? Whether you have a big warehouse, an office or a restaurant, home automation is the answer.

From warehouse to meeting room

Saving energy and thus money becomes child’s play when you’ve integrated smart home solutions in your day-to-day process. You can, for instance, link a motion sensor to the lights in your warehouse. No movement for 10 minutes? Then the lights will switch off automatically. Or think about how easily you’ll save energy when you link the booking system of your meeting rooms to the light- and heating system in the office.

Home automation saves manpower

When you have a restaurant, bar or catering business the integration of home automation solutions in your primary business process not only saves energy, it also saves manpower. Temperature controls are often still manually monitored, while this can be done fully automated. If a standard is exceeded, you of course will still get a notification, but the countermeasures will be implemented automatically. Allowing your staff to focus on other tasks, while you can be assured that the food safety is guaranteed.

Ready for the right user

Thanks to smart solutions you can even program lights, sound and heating for different groups of users within your company. Have a restaurant? In the morning when the cleaning crew comes in, the lights can turn on fully so that the cleaners can see everything properly, while their favorite radio station switches on with the sound just a little louder than the vacuum cleaner. In the afternoon when your cook arrives, lights and heating are turned on only in the kitchen, while his or her favorite playlist automatically starts playing when your cook enters his domain.

And is your restaurant about to open its doors? With your home automation system, the restaurant area will automatically pre-heat the dining area, start the playlist with background music, while the lights dim to a more ‘cozy’ level.

Including scenes like this in your business process doesn’t only make it easier for you, it saves valuable time.

The best security

When it comes to the best possible security for your business, smart home automation is also the answer. You can, for instance, link your security system to your lights: this way when your alarm is activated, your lights automatically switch on, full power. Not only creating a shock effect for the burglar but thanks to the bright lights the burglar is also better visible on camera.

And when you finally go on that well-deserved vacation, it is reassuring that you can always ‘check in’ to see how everything is going – while you are laying in your hammock.

Want to safe time, manpower, energy and thus money? Make sure home automation supports your primary business processes.

A lean and green business future? Comfortica makes it possible.