Comfortica, the Dutch FIBARO expert

Comfortica uses FIBARO products as base for its smart home solutions. By combining FIBARO products with several other components and by adding intelligence Comfortica ensures that your smart home system can be operated automatically as much as it can, with as little user interference as possible.

FIBARO expert

Thanks to her years of experience with FIBARO, Comfortica is regularly called in as an expert by FIBARO herself.

Smart home mobiele besturing apps

FIBARO is market leader when it comes to components for smart home systems. FIBARO develops and produces all of her products within Europe. FIBARO distributes to over 80 countries worldwide.


Besides delivering innovative smart home solutions, Comfortica also runs regular FIBARO workshops for Holland’s biggest smart home automation webshop ROBBshop. In house training is also possible.

Be ensured of maximal expertise with the smart home systems of Comfortica.

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