Effortlessly saving energy

The smart home Energy Savings Package of Comfortica is linked to your smart electricity meter and gives a real-time insight in your daily energy consumption. This way you not only see how much energy your appliances use but also how much that costs. Comfortica will install smart solutions to bring down your energy consumption.

Gain insight into consumption

Comfortica installs three adapters so you can not only see the energy usage of the attached devices, but you can also turn of the appliances when they are not used. Automatically or remotely.

Two light switches are linked to your smart home system and connected to the motion sensor.

So lights and appliances are turned off automatically when nobody is present.

‘Everything switched off’ scene

Together we’ll define several scenes to lower your energy consumption, tailored to your needs and wishes. Like a scene whereby television, computer and lights switch off all at once when you go to bed or night lights that switch on automatically when nature calls in the middle of the night.

  • 1 base station

  • 1 linked smart electricity meter

  • 3 wallplugs

  • 1 power strip with 5 connections

  • 1 motion detector

  • 2 built-in dim modules

  • Router

  • Installation included

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