Want to know what the smart home possibilities are for your house? Visit the demo house!

Busy building your dream house? Or have a major renovation planned? Or do you want to know what the smart home options are for your house? Come visit Comfortica’s demo house to get a better grasp of all possibilities, so you can fully enjoy your house to the max!

Smart home wishes in practice
When you are building a new house or renovating your house, it is a perfect moment to orient yourself on your smart home wishes and possibilities. Not only so you can live as comfortable as possible, but also as safe and energy sufficient as possible. Want to make your house smart, but don’t exactly know what the possibilities are? Why not make an appointment to visit Comfortica’s very own demo house! No, this is not some futuristic home like in The Jetsons, but a very normal house in the city of Enschede, located in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Only difference is that this house thinks for you, so your life becomes easier.

Total solutions
In the demo house you see a number of smart and automated total solutions that make daily life easier. Like a power button next to the bed that – in one go – can close all locks, switch all lights off, close all shutters and take off the power of chargers when there is no device plugged in. Or an early morning scene that slowly increases the intensity of your lights, turns up the heating, opens the curtains and in summer turns on the air conditioning. Really enjoy watching movies? Or are a big Netflix fan? Have a look at the living room cinema, where curtains automatically close and lights dim the moment a movie starts.

For the smart home solutions in the demo house the products of quality brand FIBARO are used. This brand has the best controllers available on the market but is also one of few brands that make controllers and modules – guaranteeing a good collaboration, a good connection between the controller and smart home products. In the demo house the FIBARO controller is connected to the compatible products of renowned security system Satel, the smart locks of CES and wireless network UniFi.

Comfortica’s total solutions guarantee you a good and safely installed smart home system. Without the need to brake open walls! In the demo house you can view the benefits of:
– The UniFi wireless network
– An integrated Satel security system and camera system
– HDAnywhere Audio/video distribution system (no ugly boxes behind your tv)
– Smart and automated lighting and heating solutions
– Smart and safe locks and garage door
– Automated shutters
– Smart CO-sensors and smoke detectors
– Living room cinema

Make an appointment
Looking for a complete smart home solution for your home? But can’t really picture it yet? Would you like to walk around in a smart home first, to see what a smart home could mean for your daily life? Contact us via our contact form! Clearly describe the status of your house (new-to-build, renovation or ‘just’ a smart home upgrade) on the form. We’ll contact you to plan a visit, after which Comfortica can draw up a total smart home solution for your house taking into account your wishes and possibilities.

Wanna see a smart – but totally normal – home in action? Comfortica makes it possible.