Comfort package

Increase the comfort of your home

Lights turning on and off automatically. Remotely controlling your electronic devices. Use of a special one-touch button to turn off all your appliances at once. Comfortica’s smart home Comfort Package increases the comfort of your home.


When installing, Comfortica will connect four light switches to the smart home system and link two adapters to your existing appliances. This way the connected lights and devices can be operated remotely or automatically.

The two motion sensors guarantee a minimal need for manual handling. When manual control is required, you can use a remote control, which of course can be your smart phone. Comfortica will install the needed program on your smartphone for you.


Besides installing the smart home system, Comfortica will also install several scenes aligned to your daily habits. From lights that dim automatically when you turn on your television, to turning on your dishwasher at 10 pm. Everything for optimal comfort.

  • 1 base station

  • 4 built-in dim modules

  • 2 motion sensors

  • 2 wallplugs

  • 1 power strip

  • 1 remote control

  • Router

  • Installation included

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