Comfortica’s camera system: your eye in the sky

Whether you are diving in the Maldives or are in New York for a business trip: Comfortica’s camera system will keep an eye on your possessions. 24/7. And so can you. Wherever you are.

Want to expand your security with a camera system, tailored to your specific safety requirements? Comfortica will advise you which specific cameras are best to use according to your needs and tell you what the best locations are on your property to install a camera.

Type of camera

The type of camera you need, depends on what you want it to do: observe, detect, recognise or identify? Whether you want to observe what is going on around your house or business premises (on a daily base or more specifically during constructions for instance) or want your camera to identify the person ringing your doorbell late at night, Comfortica has the right camera for it.


In the process of renovating or building a new house or office? Comfortica can include the design of your camera system in your blueprints. And will take care of the installation when the time comes. But beforehand Comfortica can even supervise your electrician or carpenter. Making sure pipelines and access points are placed according to plan.
Every installation comes with a 1-year warranty with a maintenance contract optionable afterwards.

So, take that dive at the Maldives, go to New York. Be rest assured. Comfortica’s camera system will keep an eye out for you.

  • Advise on camera locations

  • Can be included in blueprints new to build premises

  • System customised to your situation

  • A camera for every situation: from detection to identification

  • Livestream 24/7 wherever you are

  • Complete installation

  • Maintenance contract optionable

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