Best smart energy saving tips – enjoy life, work less

The best energy saving tips save you money and help you enjoy life and work less. Because working less sounds great, but how when inflation is rising? When gas prices are going through the roof? When basically everything is getting more expensive – but your salary isn’t rising? And besides, work less? While it is so tempting when working from home to just finish one more thing, to open your email when your phone buzzes. Therefore, in this blog: smart home automation tips to contain energy prices and enjoy life, work less.

Save time on daily tasks

The biggest advantage of smart home automation – besides saving money – is that you get more brain space: you simply don’t have to think about mondain, every day, simple yet time consuming tasks anymore. But you’ve got timers in place for lights and heating you say? Sorry to break the news to you, but research has shown that people live a lot less structured than they think. Leaving the house at the same time, coming home at the same time, having dinner at the same time… turns out it doesn’t happen as often and strict as we think. Which is a shame when your heating automatically turns up a notch around 6 am, while in real life you never get up before 7. Or when your house is warm and comfy at 5 pm, while you never arrive before 6 pm.

Best energy saving tips

Want to solve the unnecessary heating issue and other unnecessary energy drainers? Then these best energy saving tips are for you:

Simply link your motion sensors or Bluetooth beacons to your smart home system. When your smart home system notices that all the GPS-locations of you and your family members are located outside your home, it automatically lowers the temperature in your house, turns off all the lights forgotten and switches on the alarm.

When you link your motion sensors or GPS you never ever have to adjust timers and such. Your smart home system simply does this for you – automatically! Quite handy when you tried to imitate Shaun White during your winter break and now have to stay put on your couch with your leg up high for several weeks. Your smart home system will notice you are at home during the day and will make sure it stays warm and comfy in your home and will even switch off the lights when you’re hopping out of a room on your good leg.

How to switch off

Are you one of those people that find it hard to stop working at the end of the day? Especially when in the middle of a task? Which, as a result, means you tend to finish an hour later as planned? When your kid thinks ‘just a second’ takes 60 minutes it is time to get some help. From your home automation system that is.

You can create all kinds of funny and useful smart home scenes that can remind you it is time to stop working and start living. Like:

  • Switching on the radio when it’s lunchtime.
  • Switching from bright lighting to cosy lighting at 5 pm.
  • Activate your home cinema at 8 pm or when there is a race on.
  • Family time? You can let the lights flicker as a reminder, after which the lights in the living room switch to a disco scene with funky colours that match your family game or movie night.
  • And for the brave ones or the ones unteachable: let your home automation switch off your computer automatically for you at 5 pm.

Online shopping

Already save a lot of time because you shop online? Whether it’s for groceries, new shoes, the latest gadgets or even your furniture? To only lose time waiting for your parcel to arrive? Let your smart home system help you! If you have a smart doorbell with camera and smart locks you can give the parcel delivery guy access to your garage or hallway. You could even open the back gate so the delivery guy can put the parcel in the shed or dedicated smart delivery box of which you are the only one that can unlock it – with your phone.

Smart saving tips

Besides saving you time, your smart home system can really help save money with our best energy saving tips. Of course, a smart home system isn’t cheap. Start with smart heating. Compared to traditional heating this saves you quite a lot of money! Smart gadgets are also becoming more and more energy sufficient, and you can save quite some money with smart heating tips, like linking your solar panels and thermostat to your sunscreens. When your smart home system notices it’s getting too sunny or warm, the sunscreens automatically go down. Have energy ‘left’? Why not use it to heat your gas boiler?

Enjoy life, work less, and reduce your energy costs? Comfortica makes it happen.