At home streaming videos, having an online meeting and FaceTime all at the same time? No problem with a good network!

Got the most extensive internet package from your provider, but still lousy internet? That’s not the fault of your provider! It is caused by the number of appliances you have at home that tap into your network plus how big and well insulated your house is. The solution? A good network installation – throughout your whole house.


Warranty till the meter cupboard

Be honest, how often do your kids complain about the bad internet connection at home? How often does your online meeting freeze or does your Netflix-series stop streaming because somebody sitting next to you is watching YouTube? While you specifically got the best package deal from your internet provider to prevent all this from happening?!

The problem is that your bad network connection is not caused by your internet provider. They are only responsible for connecting the network from outside your house to the router in your meter cupboard. And that’s where a good network connection (and the warranty from your provider) often ends.

More appliances = slower connection

Why? First of all, because of the number of appliances using the network. Where in the old days only one or two smart phones, a tablet and a laptop were ‘online’, nowadays all family members have their own phone, tablet and laptop. And on top of that you have all these ‘smart’ appliances who also need to use this network, like the doorbell, the printer and the lights in your house that you can operate – o so easily – with your phone.

Compare your network connection with a thick garden hose. It can be a powerful hydrojet, until everybody starts punching holes in it, so they (read the appliances) can have unlimited supply to the water. The result is that the powerful water jet becomes a pitiful water trickle. The same goes for your network connection. The more users, the slower the connection.

Insulated house = bad signal

The insulation of your house can also influence the network signal. Houses nowadays are getting more and more well insulated. That’s great for the environment. But can have a serious effect on a proper transfer of your wireless network signal. That signal is like a really short garden hose. Works fine up close, but the farther you go, the more dehydrated you get.

Install network

Does this mean you have to move to an old, small and drafty house? Sign your teenagers up for an online detox course so they stay offline? Stop working from home? Get rid of all those cool smart gadgets? Of course not! The solution is rather simple: install a network throughout your whole house.