Peace of mind - Thanks to your own security system

Carefree living. That’s what Comfortica’s security system provides. Wireless or wired and completely customised to your wishes and necessities.

Comfortica’s security system package enables you to go to sleep in the evening with peace of mind. Whether you live somewhat isolated back in the country, want to protect your belongings or just want to create a safe feeling.

Nobody goes unnoticed

Thanks to the motion and door sensors, no one will entire your house unnoticed. When a sensor gets activated, your security service will receive a warning straight away, while a message will be sent to your phone, as well as to the people on your phone list.

Always have an eye out

Want to – literally – keep an eye on things? Comfortica can expand your security system with a camera system. That way you can keep an eye on your property 24/7, wherever you are. Click here for more information about Comfortica’s camera systems.

Comfortica uses the products of the renowned security brand Satel. Besides being highly dependable and renowned, this brand has as advantage that it integrates really well with FIBARO’s home automation system. Making your security system even smarter.

Old system

Whether you want to replace your old system, are looking for a security system you can integrate with your home automation or are looking for a business partner to install security and/or home automation systems in your new build constructions, Comfortica makes sure you are safe and secure.

  • Wireless and wired systems

  • Integration with home automation system

  • Renowned European brand Satel

  • Operated via smartphone, tablet, computer and/or control panel

  • Complete installation

  • Replacement old system

  • Design can be included in blueprints

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